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uplifting wellbeing through education

the Lively Community Foundation

Uplifting Wellbeing Through Education


Launching in 2019, The Lively Community Foundation will provide education and training that promotes wellbeing, with two driving initiatives: Eschool & the Emotional Wellness Brigade.


Eschool is a chance for business owners to reach out, connect, and inspire high school girls in their area with the knowledge and how-to tools for starting their own company - whether the girls want to consider entrepreneurship as a part-time job, hobby, or eventual full-time career, Eschool facilitators will share their knowledge and experience as a business owner in fun, easy-to-run after school sessions.

Online video resources will also help students continue to learn the skills needed to run a company in more detail after their live session with an Eschool facilitator, as well.

Emotional Wellness Brigade

The Emotional Wellness Brigade will be promoting the training and use of Rapid Transformation Therapy™ (RTT), a highly effective form of hypnotherapy in two ways.

First, we will offer RTT training grants for future RTT therapists - in exchange for doing a select number of free RTT sessions for those who have experienced intense, emotionally traumatic events.

Secondly, we will be coordinating RTT therapists - both the RTT grant recipients and other RTT therapists who feel called to contribute - with those who have been the experiencers of traumatic events for free.

Lively Meet Ups

Looking to meet up with other like-minded (or Inner Voice guided) people in your area?

Lively Meet Ups will be a place for you to start your own chapter, or join one in your area. Lively Meet Ups will be self-run by each volunteer chapter coordinator, and can meet up on whatever frequency that suits them the best.

Topic ideas for Lively Meet Ups include The Power of Now book clubs, Inner Voice group dialogues, masterminds, or just plain fun, casual chats. You decide what feels most aligning for you and your chapter!

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    About the founder and inspiration behind the Lively Community Foundation

    Hi! I’m Jess Lively, and I’m glad you’re here.

    The Inspiration Behind Eschool

    Though I now help people worldwide live more joyful and fulfilling lives by using consciousness, meditation, and neurology full-time, I started my career when I was fifteen with a jewelry business called Jess LC in Rochester, Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, I grew the accessory company into a successful full-time career in Chicago and later transitioned to business coaching. (Here’s my career story, if you’re interested.)

    Growing up, I was fortunate to have a mother who made and sold crafts. And not every girl is exposed to an entrepreneur in their childhood. Eschool facilitators will become those examples for girls - to show the possibility of self-employment as a fun, income earning potential at any point in their lives.

    The Inspiration Behind the Emotional Wellness Brigade

    After years of deep study, I came to the realization that the most foundational and transformational factors affecting our life experiences belong to the realm of thoughts and emotions. Likewise, leading-edge science is currently uncovering the connection and power our brain states, thoughts, and emotions have on our health, chronic disease, wellbeing, creativity, and the depth and connection in our relationships. Fascinated by these scientific discoveries, I traveled the world and dove into neurology, biology, consciousness, geology, the subconscious, and quantum mechanics with leading-edge thinkers, doctors, and scientists. I developed a deep understanding of how we can literally re-wire our brains to get the results we want. Coming out of this, I created a course called Cschool, designed to help you harness the power and perfection of the subconscious, which you can explore in more depth here.

    Rapid Transformation Therapy™ (RTT), has been the most effective and standardized form of subconscious reprograming I have come across. Having personally graduated from RTT training myself, I’ve personally experienced, witnessed, and delivered exceptional results on all sorts of emotional trauma. The Emotional Wellness Brigade will expand the circle of therapists trained in this modality as well as those who are able to receive the benefits of this at no cost.

    The Inspiration Behind Lively Meet Ups

    The Lively Meet Ups have been a common request from Lively Show listeners for many years. In fact, a handful of chapters started organically in communities around the United States way before the launch of Lively Meet Ups. Community run and driven, this program is truly here for those who want to connect with people in their community who share a resonance with one another that connects to the topics shared on The Lively Show and beyond.

    If you feel connected to any or all of these programs, we are excited to connect!

    May something wonderful happen to you today,