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Hi! I’m Jess Lively.

The Lively Community Foundation provides education and training that promotes well-being, with one driving initiative: the Emotional Wellness Brigade. The Foundation was started by Jess Lively, an entrepreneur who serves her community through online courses, podcasts, and coaching on consciousness and neuroscience.


The Inspiration Behind the Emotional Wellness Brigade

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After years of deep study, Jess came to the realization that the most foundational and transformational factors affecting our life experiences belong to the realm of thoughts and emotions. Likewise, leading-edge science is currently uncovering the connection and power the brain states, thoughts, and emotions have on health, chronic disease, well-being, creativity, and the depth and connection in relationships. Fascinated by these scientific discoveries, Jess traveled the world and dove into neurology, biology, consciousness, geology, the subconscious, and quantum mechanics with leading-edge thinkers, doctors, and scientists. Jess developed a deep understanding of how anyone can literally re-wire their brains to get the desired results. Coming out of this, Jess created a course called Cschool, designed to help others harness the power and perfection of the subconscious, which can be explored in more depth here.

Rapid Transformation Therapy™ (RTT), has been the most effective and standardized form of subconscious reprogramming Jess has come across. Having graduated from RTT training, Jess experienced, witnessed, and delivered exceptional results on all sorts of emotional trauma. The Emotional Wellness Brigade (EWB) will expand the circle of therapists trained in this modality as well as provide complimentary sessions to those who would benefit.